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  • Stick Tack
  • Stick Tack

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Colour Creek Tack is a reusable adhesive. Colour Creek tack offers a clean, safe and a simple alternative to tapes and pins. 
Product Details:
Colour: Blue
Grams: 75
Quantity: 1 set
3+ years
Non - toxic
How to use:
1) Tear off the amount you require, pull & stretch until supple
2) Roll into a ball
3) Place it between surface to be fastened and press firmly 
4) Remove the tack and re use
5) Mix and kneading 2 different colours to creak a different colour
What surfaces can I apply Tack to? 
Colour Creek Tack can be used on non-porous surfaces, painted surfaces, vinyl coated wallpaper, glass, metal ,etc. Do not use on absorbent, silk screen-printed or hand stenciled wallpaper nor on porous brickwork. 

How do I get Blu Tack out of the carpet?
This is a difficult one. Try dabbing with a citrus based stain remover to soften the material and pull away. Always spot test first to make sure that the stain remover doesn't strip the colour out of the carpet. 

How do I remove faint stains from the walls?
Citrus based stain remover is the best. If the walls have been painted sometime ago, they can become porous which will suck the oil out of Colour Creek Tack. In this instance, you will need to clean with Sugar Soap and generally repaint the surface. 

What will happen if my child eats Tack? 
It's non-harmful and should not cause any problem if swallowed, but if discomfort is experienced, seek medical advice. 

How can I get Tack off Brick Walls? 
We do not recommend you use Colour Creek Tack on Brick Walls because its porous and as Colour Creek Tack is a putty, it will go into crevices which makes it difficult to remove. 
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